Prohibited Services List

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the type of services that are prohibited from being requested, offered, negotiated or completed in relation to the Service by Users:

  • Any service that would violate the law, rules, regulations, orders and/or legal rights of any person or entity in the jurisdiction of the users or in any other applicable jurisdiction, including without limitation, criminal laws and labour and employment laws;
  • Any service that encourages or facilitates illegal activity;
  • Pornographic or obscene services including sexual and escort services, offers and solicitations of prostitution, and pornography;
  • Any services or contracts that the Asker has no legal right to request or that the Tasker has no legal right to perform;
  • Lottery, raffles, sweepstakes entries
  • Any services that would harm children or minors
  • Affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing or pyramid schemes; and
  • Services related to spam, or unsolicited services or products, or false, misleading or fraudulent services.