How to Post a Service

Signing Up:

Signing up an account on Taskify is completely free! Simply go to and select the “sign up” button on the top right corner. You can sign up  using your email or social media accounts (eg. Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter). All fields are required other than phone number.

After signing up by your email account, you will receive an email confirming your account and setting up a new password. If you used your social media account to sign up, you will be directed to your profile.

How to Post a Service:

After signing up an account, you can start posting in a few easy steps!

1) Select the post button to post a task that you want help with. As a Worker, you will select to post a Service. Please be sure to fill in the main category of your post and the sub-category. Select next to continue.

2) You are required to fill in two mandatory fields including: Task title & Describe your task/services in more detail. Others fields are optional including: Price, To be completed in person/online, Payment by, Location, & Available until Date (Filling in optional fields will make your task easier to be seen by more potential Workers).

  • Task title*: Requires you to fill in your service name.
  • To Be Completed In Person/Online: Choose how you want your service to be completed in person or online.
  • Payment Method: You may choose to pay by electronic or cash.
  • Location: Fill in where you are offering your services.
  • Task Date & Time: Fill in when your service is offered until.
  • Details of the Task*: Provide as much details as you can about your services.

(* Required)

Select next to continue

3) You will have the option to upload images related to your service, simply by selecting choose file (Please make sure your image files are png, gif, jpg, or jpeg and the file size is smaller than 2mb).

4) After clicking on post now, your service will be posted! You may view your service under my activities in your dashboard.


After posting a service, you may receive comments from potential Requesters, which you can view under the comments section of your service.

You will be notified if someone has commented in your service and you will receive these notifications on the top right bell icon.


Within your service, you may edit any information by selecting the edit button or you may remove your service by selecting the delete button. Keep in mind these features will not be available when you have accepted someone's request.

Request Stage:

If there are potential Requesters who have made a request on your service, you will receive notifications under the bell icon or through email. You can review these requests in full detail within your service. You may choose freely which potential Requester to work with by accepting or rejecting their request. Your service may allow you to accept more than one Requester.

If you have selected electronic as your payment transaction, you are required to input your banking information with Stripe to receive your payment.

Assigned Stage:

Once your service is assigned to Requesters, you can use our private instant messaging system to further communicate with them. By selecting the chat now box in your service or the envelope icon on the top right corner will direct you to instant messaging box.

I'm done:

Your service is done! Simply select I’m done and leave a review now for your Requester.